MScGlobal Innovation Management
MSc Global Innovation Management - An Erasmus Mundus Programme

Semesters 1 and 2 at The University of Strathclyde provide a strong foundation in the Innovation Management process, and essential practical experience of working within globally distributed teams and with industrial clients on innovation and product/process/service development briefs.

Semester 3 (Year 2) at Hamburg University of Technology looks at early and late phases of the innovation management process. It concentrates on market research for (radical) innovation, cross functional cooperation at the front end of the innovation process, managing innovation projects over geographical and functional/divisional boarders and preparing the market introduction of new products and services.

In semester 3 (Year 2) at Aalborg University, students undertake an 'innovation pilot' project at a Danish company to gain relevant global innovation management experience, and to consolidate the taught content delivered at the University of Strathclyde. Each project/company partnership will be designated to best reflect student’s interests within the available network of Danish companies.

In semester 4 all students undertake a thesis project at the institution where they spent the 3rd semester.